February 2024

QuickBooks & MVMNT: Mastering Your Cash Flow, Maximizing Your Wallet

Navigating financial management in brokerage can often feel like navigating a maze, especially when your TMS and accounting software operate in silos. At MVMNT, we recognize the pivotal role of streamlined financial operations in bolstering cash flow and overall business health. That's why we're excited to announce our QuickBooks Integration, built to streamline your financial management processes directly within the TMS. This real-time, bi-directional integration not only simplifies but also aligns your accounting activities, offering you a 360 degree view of your financial picture in real-time. By ensuring that every dollar is accounted for without the extra legwork, MVMNT ensures cash flow remains in your control.

Goodbye Margin Leaks: Introducing “Vended Services” to Boost Brokerage Profitability

Managing the multifaceted demands of shippers and carriers is a daily challenge for brokers. From the unexpected need for extra lease trailers to renting forklifts, brokers often find themselves in a maze of makeshift solutions within their TMS. These ad-hoc adjustments result in a clutter of false transactions made within the TMS, leading to the silent drain of margins—until now. MVMNT is excited to introduce Vended Services, a feature designed to staunch the margin leak and bring order to chaos.
January 2024

Introducing: A CRM Finally Built for the Broker Deal Flow

We understand the daily grind of the customer rep: 70+ calls a day, often ending in voicemails and rejections, while also navigating the ever-changing status of shippers, constantly shifting from leads to customers and back again. Say goodbye to CRMs that fail to grasp brokerage needs and spreadsheets that can't scale. Our CRM is tailored for brokerages, streamlining the deal flow and nurturing customer relationships. 
December 2023
November 2023